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How to Download Videos from PureToons | No Captcha! | Very Easy | December

How to download videos from PureToons?

There is No Captcha!!!!😍😍

Hello friends! Today I will show you that how to easily download video from PureToons. So Lets start for it. Follow bellow steps.

  1. Disable your Ad blocker if you have ad blocker extension.
  2. After Disabled Ad Blocker, go back and refresh the Page.
  3. Now chose your favourite Format and Server. (MEGA is recommended) Click on your favourite Server like MEGA, Zupload, MediaFire etc.
  4. Now wait for 9 seconds and click on “CLICK TO GENERATE LINK
  5. Click on “CLICK TO CONTINUE
  6. Wait for 5 seconds. Then click on “Get Link
  7. You have successfully done all works. Now download the Video by clicking download options.

You can Follow below screenshots also


How to Download from MEGA in Mobile?

For downloading from MEGA with Mobile, follow below steps.
  1. Search “MEGA” in playstore and install the software.
  2. After installed, create a MEGA account with your email address. Then Login to MEGA app.
  3. Go to Browser and follow above steps for get the video link from  MEGA. Then, click on “OPEN IN MEGA APP
  4. Now click on “Save to Device” in MEGA app.
  5. You can play the video online by click on “PREVIWE” button.
  6. You can check downloading in Notification bar or Transfer section. Normally your downloaded files are located in SD Card/MEGA/Mega Downloads

Thanks for see this Post. If you have any question, then please comment. I will try to reply you very soon.

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